Community role models in Childcare – A visit from a Local Author

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to the relationship between the Childcare Centre and the Community. In particular, how we engage our local community role models to enrich the quality of Early Learning we provide to our children…

We recently hosted Karen Lindsey, a local author of children’s books who wrote “Farmer Jones and Notty the Spotty Dog”. The book encompasses messages of self-acceptance and being proud of who we are. This is something we believe strongly at Toowoomba Gardens.

Karen came to read her book to our children and speak to them about writing books. Reading to young children increases early literacy and helps to prepare children when they are learning to read themselves.

This was a wonderful experience for many of the children to have an author read them her book. Importantly, it was also an opportunity to introduce them to the creative art of storytelling and book writing. Some were so excited they set off to ‘write’ their own books after Karen’s visit 😊.

I asked Karen why she chose to write books.  Karen responded with: “I wanted children to have awareness of the importance of being themselves and for my books to have meaning”.

We’re lucky to have a community so rich with interesting people and role models. I can’t help reflecting on the positive influence that introducing these community members to children from a young age must have.  We plan to  host many more artists and community role models at our childcare centre. We look forward to them presenting their talents and helping our children explore broad and creative future possibilities.

Ally Barfield