Community Engagement

Our philosophy for community engagement and child care

We’ve been working hard on strengthening our relationship within the local community. As leaders in early education we pride ourselves on our community engagement and believe that early exposure helps children with a sense of belonging and building their identity.

“We like to offer a holistic approach to children’s development, offering opportunities to be involved within our community” says Centre Manager Krystal Schmidt.

Quite often we hear “the first five years of a child’s life is crucial to their overall development”. Why? A baby is born ready to learn. What we surround our children within the early years has dramatic effects on the adult they are going to become. A learning environment rich in stimulating experiences allows children to learn important life skills. Allowing children to explore the world around them based on their own inquiry provides a perfect platform to learn.

Learning activities

We love engaging with local community groups to arrange visits either at our center or for excursions to them. We recently we have had a volunteer from the RSPCA visit speak to children about caring for animals. Not only does caring for animal’s teach children empathy and respect, but these visits also expose children to the wonderful community members who so generously donate their time to greater causes.

We’ve naturally carried this through to the care of our own “Toowoomba Gardens guinea pigs”. The children are active participants in caring for them, teaching them responsibility and and emulating what they’ve learned from the RSPCA.


We have loads more of these community related activities and excursions planned. Stay tuned to find out more or speak to myself or any of the educators.

We’re also always open to hearing your ideas and learning opportunities.

It takes a village to raise a child 😊

Ally Barfield